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How to Improve your Garden Area

Gardens are the ultimate sanctuary close to home. They are our own private spaces which we can design for our own special needs and spend some important me-time all through the year. The pandemic has reconnected more of us to our gardens than ever before and, if you’ve been thinking of ways to revamp your […]

Top Garden Furniture Trends for 2021

If we can just get past the wet spring weather and into the warmer summer months, there’s still plenty of ways to have fun around the home in 2021. With so many restrictions because of the lockdown, it’s a good moment to appreciate what we already have. Many people will be looking at their gardens […]

11 Tips for revamping your garden with new garden furniture

With spring and summer not too far away, you may be thinking about redesigning your garden, even transforming it completely for the warmer months. Ideally, you should put as much effort and time into getting this right as you would with any part of your home where you are making design decisions. The good news […]

Types of garden furniture you need most

Types of garden furniture you need most Gardens are a brilliant place to relax, destress and enjoy the weather along with some good company. If you are looking at your garden space and thinking about buying some furniture for it, there are a lot of options to consider nowadays. Whether you want a luxury rattan […]

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