FirePit Casual Dining

There is nothing more relaxing than a fire to warm you outside on a chilly summer’s evening. Our range of premier firepit casual dining sets give you all the comfort of indoors for family get-togethers or those special evenings with friends. Built into a central table, our luxury sets allow everyone to gather around and chew the fat into the early hours. With luxury brands such as La Rochelle, Kettler and Monterey to choose from, we’ve put together the ideal selection of firepit casual dining sets to suit almost any garden. If you’re searching for garden furniture with an added dimension, browse our selection today.

FirePit Casual Dining
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If you want to add that all-important wow factor to your outdoor dining and entertaining, one of the most elegant and simple ways to achieve this is with a firepit. Our exclusive ranges of tables have the firepit installed which are run on a gas cylinder, making them economical and clean to operate with very little cleaning needed afterwards.

What is Firepit Casual Dining?

Traditional firepits use coal and are placed in a hole in the garden but this can often be difficult and messy to maintain. The beauty of our firepit casual dining sets is that they are easy to set up and run, provide a lot of warmth to those sitting around on the surrounding comfy chairs or sofa and are fueled using a gas cylinder.

When not in use during the hotter daytime, the pit can easily be covered and the whole table used. Surrounded by a ceramic top, the firepit is protected by safety glass. A griddle can be added with many tables so you can also cook up some tasty food for your guests.

The height of the firepit is also usually adjustable which means you can arrange it according to the type of event you are holding.

Browse Our Firepit Casual Dining Options

There are several options when choosing one of our firepit casual dining sets and they can seat between 6 to 9 people quite comfortably. Corner sofas provide that added comfort along with stools that let you create the perfect intimate evening for friends and family.

These dining tables are brilliant for areas like patios and allow you to entertain at any time of year. You can choose from traditional rattan or rust-free aluminium and the surfaces can easily be cleaned and maintained throughout the year.

At, we’ve been able to source elegant and affordable firepit casual dining sets that help you create the perfect atmosphere for your evening entertainment. Firepits are also great if you want to hold outdoor dining events during the milder winter days or evenings.

Of course, our firepit tables are not just for dining and evening entertainment. If you want to sit out and gaze at the stars, lean back with a glass of wine and listen to some music, or cuddle with that special someone, our sets are perfect for staying snug and warm.

If you are looking for a firepit casual dining set that looks elegant and sophisticated, browse our selection today.