Modular Sofa Sets

Our stylish modular sofa sets are ideal if you want that extra flexibility for your garden entertaining. The different components can be moved around and separated to fill any space and, with brands such as Kettler, Bridgman and Lifestyle Garden, you can be sure of elegance and sophistication whatever arrangement you choose. At, we’ve scoured the nation to find only the best products for our customers, creating a stunning catalogue that is designed to add style and grace to any garden. Whether it’s for a patio or a garden niche, if you’re searching for amazing modular sofa sets, browse our listings today.

Modular Sofa Sets

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Showing all 4 results

Modular sofa sets have become increasingly popular over the last few decades and it’s no surprise. If you want to create a distinctive and personal garden space for entertaining or relaxing, these sets give you the best of both worlds and are great for open as well as more secluded areas.

What Can You Do with Modular Sofa Sets?

Modular sofa sets are perfect for smaller gardens simply because you can organise the different components any way that you want. Equally, if you have a large space but want to give your guests more room, you can spread the modules further apart.

The larger 10 piece sets mean you can create amazing spaces that can change with your needs because they’re so light and easy to move.

Our modular sofa sets are available in a range of sizes with the capability to seat from 3 or 4 people to as many as 12 which gives you plenty of scope when organising your space.

The sofas are also available in different materials from traditional rattan to aluminium and wood. If you only entertain every so often, you can easily create a smaller space for yourself and your family and store away the rest until it’s needed.

Light and easy to move, our modular sets are delivered ready to go which means you only need to unwrap them and set them out in your garden. With comfortable cushions and amazing accessories such as firepit tables, you’ll have everything you need to create an exclusive place for entertaining.

Choosing Your Modular Sofa Set

It’s important to understand what space you have and how your modular sofa set is going to fit into that. For example, a three-seater curved sofa may well fit a small space better than an L-shaped one.

The good thing is that you can move your furniture around quite easily and make the most of your location.

Browse Our Garden Sofa Sets Today

At, we have nearly 60 modular sofa sets to choose from which means you should easily find something to fit your garden and make it look spectacular. We take pride in sourcing some of the best garden furniture available in the UK, with free delivery nationally.

If you are searching for modular sofa sets, start browsing our fantastic listings today.