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Our ranges of luxury recliners are some of the most popular garden furniture products on our site and in our showroom. There’s nothing more relaxing than lying back and enjoying the sunshine while on a comfortable and supportive lounger. Like all our products at, we’ve worked hard to bring the best the UK has to offer with some high-quality brands our customers appreciate. If you want the height of comfort this spring and summer, browse our fashionable and durable recliners today.

Bramblecrest Monterey Recliner Set - Standstone
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Picking Recliner Sets

Choosing the right recliner sets for your home can be a bit of a challenge because there’s a lot to choose from. Ideally, what you want to invest your money in is a recliner that is sturdy and durable but also matches the design and feel of your garden. It also needs to be comfortable and relaxing.

Recliner seats are great for smaller gardens and can be positioned anywhere, whether it’s on a large patio or in a small garden nook, perhaps under your favourite tree. Sets come with brilliant accessories such as tables and shades to give you that added comfort. If you want a normal garden chair but like to put your feet up, another option is a garden furniture set that comes with a footstool or two.

The other aspect to think about is what you want your recliner sets made from. The traditional approach is to go for rattan which looks perfect in any garden but there are other options such as aluminium which are light and come with rust protection that makes them highly durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Browse Our Recliner Sets

Our garden recliner sets are great for all occasions but if you want to create an area that is for entertainment, you might like to also add in a range of sofas and other seating as well. To help, we’ve sourced some of the best recliners and seating options in the UK from ranges such as Tetbury, Aruba and Monterey.

These are light and durable, you can move them to any part of the garden quite easily and even use them inside if you have an area like a conservatory. With luxurious cushions, you’ll soon be able to experience the height of comfort as you sit and enjoy what spring and summer have to offer.

Why Choose

Whether you want a single recliner or a couple to put in your garden, the team at are confident you’ll enjoy our sets for many years to come. Durable and highly comfortable, they’re perfect for those balmy summer days when all you want to do is sit back and relax.

Browse our amazing selection of garden recliner sets today.