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Garden Furniture Designed to Be Enjoyed

Innovation is the key in maintaining a business no matter when or where you live and at Bridgman Inspired Living, we take that notion to heart. For well over 40 years, we have taken suggestions and followed style trends to ensure that every piece of garden furniture we produce is an ideal solution for our clients. Where others have fallen away over time, Bridgman Inspired Living continues to thrive and we want to invite you to see what we have to offer. True luxury and epic design quality is what you will find with our garden furniture selections.

Outdoor and Indoor Dining Sets to Adore

Living happens wherever you are and when you are home, you want to have exceptional options for both indoors and outdoors. Some garden furniture companies merely accommodate the outdoor entity, but at Bridgman Inspired Living, we believe in providing garden furniture that is multi faceted. Our sets are beautiful and durable enough to take on the outdoors, but remain stylish enough for your interior décor. We also offer many options that were designed specifically for the indoors, so you have an array of opportunities to get the exact set you want with Bridgman Inspired Living.

Versatility You Will Love

It is nice to have a place to sit in your garden to enjoy the weather and time with family and friends, but just having a place to sit is not enough. Change does the heart good and some outdoor garden sets are not made with change in mind. An addition to the family, an expansion or restriction of space, and simply switching things up a bit are all examples of how your needs can change quickly and when you have garden sets that can adapt, you are always ahead of the game.

Bridgman Inspired Living outdoor garden sets have versatility built right in. If you want to ensure that you never have to worry about adapting to change again, our modular sofa sets are for you. These sets come apart and are easily moved into different configurations to ensure everyone has a seat when they want it. Whether you require vast seating spread out throughout the garden, or more of an intimate setting, our modular garden furniture is the way to get it.

True Relaxation

When the weather warms up and those sunny days take over, you do not want to sit inside and merely look at it all. Immersing yourself in the weather is ideal and when you are outside taking on nature, you want a comfortable place to truly relax and take it all in. Bridgman Inspired Living maintains a variety of options for sofas, chairs, and dining sets to take your outdoor garden to the ultimate level. However, true relaxation requires a little more effort.

Our outdoor loungers offer the perfect opportunity for you to have a stylish space to enjoy those warm, sunny days and receive the ultimate relaxation your body craves. There is no need to head on holiday for rest and relaxation when you have one of our amazing outdoor loungers perfectly positioned in your garden.

Accessorise Your Garden

At Bridgman Inspired Living, we want you to have the ideal garden furniture that makes your outdoor space your favorite room in the house. We want you to have endless parties and family time with those you love, but just a set of table and chairs or a nice sofa is not going to encapsulate all of your needs. Accessories from Bridgman Inspired Living bring everything together and allow you to organize the space to better fit with your needs and the needs of your guests.

Bridgman Inspired Living offers exceptional storage solutions with benches that double as outdoor storage areas. We also have ample solar lighting options to choose from that allow you to have all the light you need without negatively impacting the environment and using too much energy. For those that have a need for a little shade in their outdoor space, we offer parasols and parasol holders in a variety of styles and designs, so you can have exactly what you need to keep the sun at bay on those scorching hot days.

We understand there are many different places that offer garden furniture, but when investing in such an important and useful space in your home, simply average will not do. You need to impress your guests with amazing and stylish seating options, while also allowing your family to get the most out of the space. Bridgman Inspired Living is here to offer you exceptionally high quality garden furniture in an endless array of stylish options to choose from. We have been helping families with their garden furniture needs for over 40 years and we want to help you with yours, so Contact Bridgman Inspired Living today and get the garden furniture you have always wanted.