Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heating is a great way to extend your al-fresco evenings and garden entertaining season. Add one of these outdoor heaters to your patio or terrace and you can bring extra heat and light to the party!

Our range of patio heaters includes freestanding electric patio heaters as well as ceiling-mounted and tabletop garden heaters. Which you choose will depend very much on the arrangement of your outdoor space – safety is key.

Think about the way your guests will move around the space and choose your patio heater accordingly. Take a look at the selection below, to choose the perfect garden heater for your garden or terrace.

Terrace Table Top Electric Heater
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Showing all 15 results

Our range of outdoor patio heaters boasts electric patio heaters from a range of highly respected garden furniture brands. We carry tall, upright patio heaters for use alongside your garden sofa set and fantastic tabletop patio heaters for use with your garden dining set. Note that you should always read the instructions and safety ratings carefully before setting up and using your garden or patio heater.

Our selection of patio heaters includes a range of modern and traditional designs, so there will be a patio heater here to suit your garden furniture and your outdoor space. We offer a variety of design formats too – from overhead pendant patio heaters through freestanding patio heaters and floor-standing patio heaters. There are also a number of tabletop heaters which can be a cosy and convivial alternative, provided you have an appropriate tabletop on which to stand them.

If you are looking for an electric patio heater and would like advice about which patio heater might best suit your patio or outside space, our team are on hand to help. Feel free to send us your enquiry or to reach out to our team. We’ll help you find the right patio heater for you.