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Luxury Garden Furniture and So Much More

Take a look outside in your garden. Is it lacking available seating or is seating available, but truly lacking in that keen enticing quality? If the answer is yes to either of these scenarios, you need to contact Kettler straight away. Our garden furniture is made with special care to ensure it is exactly what our customers desire. Kettler has been in continuous business for over 30 years and during that time, we have enjoyed searing our customers and our community. At Kettler, you are never just another customer. Our team of 30 employees works to help each customer on an individual basis and when you need high quality garden furniture, Kettler is the only name you need to remember.

Is it Just for Outdoor Use?

Many outdoor furniture companies make furnishings that stand up to the rigors of outdoor life, but unfortunately, that often means neglecting key style options that make the furniture a joy to use. At Kettler, we have found a unique balance of outdoor durability and indoor style. With our garden furniture, your outdoor space will look stunning in any season and when you need a little extra seating on the inside of your home, the same furniture blends seamlessly into your interior décor as well. No matter where you put Kettler garden furniture, indoor or outdoor, it looks perfect.

Lighting Options

It is easy to sit outside on your luxurious Kettler garden furniture during the day and enjoy the company of others or just read a book, but not all parties happen during the day. Evening parties are a lot of fun and often, your quiet time when you can read a book is dedicated to the evening as well. When the sun goes down, there is no need to head indoors just for ample light. Kettler works to provide for all your outdoor entertainment needs with an array of lighting options to choose from. Accent lights and more powerful lighting options are always available with Kettler.

Kettler Palma Mini FirePit Table – Whitewash
Kettler Elba Dining Table with Chairs and Bench
Keeping Warm

Just because the temperatures dip does not mean the outdoor fun has to end. With heating solutions from Kettler, the fun can continue no matter how cold it gets. Our heating options include portable heaters in an array of styles and designs as well as stationary heaters that combine overhead lighting with warm, radiant heating. We have heaters that accommodate both small and large gatherings, so no matter the need, we have an option that is right for you.


The outdoors is just not the same without a way to cook for your family and friends. At Kettler, both gas and charcoal BBQ grills are available. Large and small BBQs are available to add impeccable style to every culinary delight. Not only can you get your BBQs with Kettler, we also have ample accessories and protective equipment to further enhance the experience. Get the most out of your garden furniture with a BBQ from Kettler today.

Kettler is your number one stop shop for bbq’s, heating and garden furniture. We believe in not only making certain items for outdoor use, but having an endless array of available entertainment and entertaining options to choose from. Trust Kettler with all your outdoor and some of your indoor furniture needs. Our products are made from high quality materials and built to last for many seasons to come. For both large and small groups, Kettler is here for you. Others may try to achieve our level of excellence, but few have actually achieved that goal. Kettler is high quality and world class furniture, bbq’s and heating. for play and entertaining fun for all seasons.

Kettler Palma Mini FirePit Table – Whitewash
Kettler Palma Mini FirePit Table – Whitewash