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Lifestyle Garden


High Quality and Sustainable Garden Furniture

We only have one earth and it is the job of everyone on the planet to do everything possible to preserve and enhance life on all formats. That not only includes human existence, but plants as well. At Lifestyle Garden, our garden furniture is among the most luxurious furnishings available and within that luxury, you will find sustainability and great care built right in.

Who Are We?

Anyone can make a beautiful piece of garden furniture, but what sets Lifestyle Garden apart from others in the industry is our thoughtfulness when making our products. Each piece of garden furniture purchased from Lifestyle Garden is made to be the highest quality and we only source materials responsibly from wood in Indonesia and Brazil. We go further to help improve the quality of life of our employees by ensuring to respect all human labor rights in our facilities and where we source our materials from. Lifestyle Garden wants to improve the earth and human life while providing the utmost in luxury garden furnishings and we will continue that promise with every piece we produce.

Smarter Plastics

Plastic is a material that stands up great to outdoor life and can be made to last for many years, but there is a significant downside to the use of many plastics. Plastic has begun to overrun our earth like never before. Recycling efforts have helped, but still, there is more work to be done. Landfills throughout the world are full of plastics that do not biodegrade and will simply sit on the earth throughout time. At Lifestyle Garden, we are doing our part to diminish our impact on waste in oceans with DuraOcean.

When you look at DuraOcean you may see just a simple chair, but this plastic chair has been resourced from oceanic plastic waste that would, otherwise, have a negative impact on marine life. The DuraOcean chair is just one example of what sustainability and true recycling looks like. We can do more for the environment by cleaning up our oceanic waste and at Lifestyle Garden, we work to improve life in the ocean and ultimately have a positive impact on our land living as well.

Lifestyle Garden

Materials We Offer

At Lifestyle Garden, we know that just having one sustainable plastic piece is not enough. People want variety with an environmentally friendly touch and that is exactly what they get from us. Our range of available materials is always growing as more people turn to the environmentally friendly lifestyle, but currently, we offer…

Petan – This material allows you to have that classic rattan look without the work of maintaining real rattan. It comes in a range of colors and has the same look and feel of rattan, but is sourced responsibly from 100% recycled material.

Teak FSC – Teak is a beautiful material to work with, but teak is not always resourced in a responsible manner. Our Teak FSC is only grown on managed plantations that are FSC certified, so you never have to worry about how the teak was sourced, only how beautiful it looks in your garden.

Duragrain – When using Eucalyptus wood, deterioration can happen fast without proper sealing. Our Duragrain coating has proven to work perfectly with this spectacular type of wood and brings out its inviting and ultimately beautiful natural look.

Duraboard – Wood furniture is beautiful in the garden, but it requires maintenance and with all that you already have to do throughout the year, why would you want to add something else. At Lifestyle Garden, we have a material called Duraboard that mimics the look and feel of wood without the time consuming maintenance.

Duranite – With garden furniture, damage can happen quickly and most often, damage is encountered on the tops of tables. Duranite guards against weather damage and scratches better than traditional finishes providing a sleek and modern look to your entire outdoor décor.

Aluminum and Cast Aluminum – Aluminum is a very adaptable material for outdoor garden furniture. It is strong, durable, and lasts for many years. Products made of aluminum and cast aluminum from Lifestyle Garden are coated to provide a lasting finish for a spectacular look to your outdoor space.

Rope – For centuries, rope has been used due to its high strength. At Lifestyle Garden, we use a high quality olefin yarn that stands up to weather conditions and maintains that high end look you want in your garden furnishings.

Weather Resistant Fabrics – Garden furniture cannot be made out of standard fabric, so Lifestyle Garden offers an array of different fabrics to choose from. Our fabrics are weather resistant, easy to clean, and are adaptable to virtually any design ensemble.


Lifestyle Garden wants to impress you with our amazing garden furniture. We provide sustainability with every piece we sell and we want to invite you to shop the sustainable way. Sustainability and ultimate luxury in one unique package.

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