Rising Table Casual Dining

An adjustable-height table can be a real boon where space is at a premium or you’re looking for more versatility from your garden furniture.

We carry a wide array of different styles, colours and designs, so we’re sure there’s a rising-table casual dining set amongst our garden furniture collection to suit your outside space. All of our tables feature durable, weather-resistant materials and generous warranties, so you can be sure you’ll enjoy many years of casual garden dining with them.

The adjustable height mechanisms do vary, but most are piston operated using a foot pedal discreetly hidden in the table base. Check out the individual descriptions or give us a call if you’d like further information.

Bramblecrest Amsterdam Modular Sofa with Mini Ceramic Glass Adjustable Piston Table & 2 Stools
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Showing 1–24 of 34 results

We’re delighted to have extended our range of rising table / adjustable table casual dining sets for 2023. On these pages, you’ll find a vast array of styles, brands, designs and materials – all featuring clever dual-height or adjustable-height tables.

Most of our adjustable height tables boast a piston mechanism, making it light work to raise or lower the table height. These piston systems are typically operated using a foot pedal discreetly located in the table base. This way, you can adjust the table to you preferred height single-handedly.

Typically, tables can be adjusted between two table heights. A lower setting is designed at around 40cm – 45 cm high, typically. This makes it ideal coffee table height – perfect for morning coffee, afternoon tea or a few cocktails at sundown! The taller setting will depend on the matching seating included in your set. The height will be tailored so you can sit comfortably to dine. Typically, this measures in somewhere around 65cm – 72cm high.

The taller height is optimised for dining, but it is equally well-suited for working, so these adjustable-height table sets are great for added versatility. You have more options from your garden furniture set while not increasing the floorspace required.