Rising Table Casual Dining

When you’re thinking of buying a dining set for your garden, table height can often be quite important. Being able to adjust that height, gives you a lot greater flexibility. Our range of luxury rising table casual dining sets do just that – you can quickly adjust from a coffee table height for normal entertaining or family meetings to a dining table height where you can enjoy your evening meal in comfort. We’ve sourced some of the best rising table casual dining options for our customers with brands such as Tetbury, La Rochelle and Monterey. Browse our catalogue today for some amazing offers.

Rising Table Casual Dining

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When we talk to our customers about what they are looking for in new garden furniture, many appreciate those quirky value-added extras. A table that can be adjusted is one thing people don’t necessarily think of initially when making their selection. Once they know it’s available, however, it suddenly becomes a must-have accessory.

What is a Rising Table?

Sometimes you just want to get together with friends and lounge about while talking about life, the universe and everything. Other times you may want to organise a meal or have a barbecue outdoors. This is where a rising table comes in so handy. It’s something that also impresses visitors – when you lower or raise the table of your luxury garden furniture set it creates that wow factor everyone appreciates.

Rising tables normally have two heights. They can be used as a coffee table if you’re sat around having drinks or simply lounging and having some fun with friends or family. This means your table doesn’t get in the way if someone wants to lie back on their lounger.

When the food is ready, you can raise the table to the dinner height, get the plates and wine glasses out and have a restaurant-style meal in the early evening. Maybe you’ll also want to use the higher level to do some work if you want to be out in the sun, then lower it down when you have your afternoon coffee and a break or have friends round.

Check Out Our Amazing Rising Table Casual Dining Options

Rising table casual dining sets are becoming more popular as customers see the real benefits. It’s important to invest in quality when you choose this sort of option. The last thing you want is a rising table that is a little unstable when it’s at its full height.

To help, the team at gardenfurniture.co.uk has worked hard to find the high quality, luxury rising tables that will make a big difference to your garden design. Accompanied by comfortable and elegant stools and sofa sets, you’ll quickly and easily create a patio area that stands out.

Built from durable rattan or aluminium, our rising table sets are designed to last and the transformation from low coffee up to dining table is smooth and elegant.

If you are searching for garden furniture sets that have that little bit extra, browse our selection of rising table causal dining options today.