Rising Table Sofa Sets

We think you’ll love these adjustable-height table sofa sets. An adjustable-height table works really well with sofa-style garden seating.

You can effortlessly switch between the low coffee table height and the taller dining height – and the sofa seating works equally well for casual coffee mornings as it does for al-fresco dining. These rising table sofa sets span a vast array of colours, styles and designs, with sets from highly respected garden furniture brands such as Kettler, Bramblecrest and Supremo.

With everything from two to ten seaters, we’re sure there’s an adjustable table and sofa set here to suit you.

Bramblecrest Zurich Modular 2 Seat Sofa with 2 Sofa Chairs & Mini Tree-Free Adjustable Piston Table
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Showing all 8 results

Combine an adjustable-height table with a cosy sofa unit and you have a garden sofa set of unrivalled versatility! Sofa seating is a natural pairing with rising table (or adjustable height tables) because it works perfectly at either table height.

Sofa seating is ideal for the coffee mornings, afternoon teas or cocktail hours for which you might want to use the lower table height. But the tables have all been optimised for perfect dining and working positions with the sofas when set to the taller table height. You really do have the best of both worlds!

As you can see over these pages, we carry a vast array of adjustable-table and sofa garden furniture sets. All come from highly respected garden furniture brands, such as Kettler, Bramblecrest or Supremo. And all come with generous manufacturer’s warranties for added peace of mind. This way, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your adjustable table and sofa set for many years to come.

Most of the adjustable table ranges we offer are operated using a foot pedal and piston mechanism so that they can be safely adjusted by one person. Simply press the foot pedal discreetly housed in the table base and you can effortlessly slip between the two height settings.