Hartman Singapore

Hartman’s Singapore collection is a stylish modern collection that is elevated by its beautiful teak accents. Tabletops and armrests are made from FSC-certified teak, adding a honeyed glow to the sophisticated grey colour palette of the Singapore collection. Built onto robust, powder-coated aluminium frames, the Singapore collection includes deep-filled cushions made using Hartman’s Weatherready fabric. In light showers, water simply beads on the surface and can be wiped away. In heavier showers, the fast-draining inner layers allow water to quickly pass through. This ensures the cushions don’t become waterlogged. Plus, all the pieces are backed up with Hartman’s three-year warranty, so you know you will be enjoying many seasons of pleasure from your Singapore garden furniture.

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The angular lines and boxy shapes of Hartman’s Singapore garden furniture create a contemporary look. The contemporary grey colour palette enhances the effect with dark grey “xerix” frames and deep, mid-grey “slate” coloured cushions.

We love the addition of the teak tabletops in Hartman’s Singapore collection. Teak weathers beautifully as it ages. Left untreated, the wood will age naturally and take on a beautiful silvery-grey patina. If, however, you would like to maintain the lovely, warm, honeyed finish the tabletops enjoy when new, you can treat the wood with Teak cleaner and protector once a year (please follow manufacturer’s instructions). Do this at the start of every season and your tables will continue to look as good as new.

The Singapore garden furniture is built on robust aluminium frames. With strong, modern lines, the frames are hardwearing and lightweight. The aluminium ensures pieces are strong but lightweight. Plus, they won’t rust.

The Weatherready cushions offer additional convenience as a low maintenance option. The mid-grey, slate-coloured cushions boast 10cm deep cushion pads for a comfortable repose. They feature Hartman’s “Weatherready” cushion technology. This means they can be left outside during light showers. Nevertheless, we would always recommend that you store cushions indoors in a dry, ventilated space when not in use. This way, you prolong their life and keep them looking great for longer.