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Calor Patio Gas Shortage: A Hangover From COVID-19?

As the world begins to emerge from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of its repercussions are still being felt across various sectors. One such persistent issue is the shortage of Calor 5kg and 7kg patio gas bottles, a crucial component for outdoor heaters and fire pit sets. This shortage, which peaked during the pandemic, was characterised by restricted supply chains and limitations on purchasing new bottles without a swap. 

Today, while supply chains have largely recovered, the lingering perception of scarcity continues to impact consumer behaviour and market dynamics.

The Reasons of the Shortage

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant disruption occurred in the supply chain of various goods and services, with Calor Gas bottles being no exception. Calor, a key supplier of gas bottles, faced a dual challenge: an unprecedented demand surge and a shortage of workers. 

These factors combined led to a restricted supply of Calor Gas bottles, particularly the 5kg and 7kg Patio gas bottles, essential for outdoor heaters and firepits. To manage the limited supply, Calor implemented a swap system, where customers could only purchase a new bottle by returning an empty one. 

This policy inadvertently led to a decrease in sales of fire pit sets, as potential buyers were deterred by the unavailability of necessary gas bottles.

Calor Gas Current Situation

Now, with the pandemic restrictions lifted and normalcy returning, the actual supply of Calor 5kg and 7kg patio gas bottles has significantly improved. Calor has been working diligently to replenish stocks and ensure wider availability. The company has prioritised recruitment at filling sites to expedite the process of returning cylinders to the retail network, aiming to normalise the supply over the summer months.

However, despite the easing of pandemic-related restrictions and an improvement in supply chain operations, the ripple effect of the shortage has left many under the impression that obtaining a Calor 5kg and 7kg Patio gas bottle remains a challenge.

Garden FurnitureCalor Patio Gas Shortage: A Hangover From COVID-19?

The Impact of Gas Shortage on Consumers

The shortage has had a tangible impact on consumers, especially those who rely on gas for cooking onboard their boats. The scarcity of bottles meant that alternatives, such as converting from Campingaz to Calor for cost reasons, became untenable for many. 

Moreover, the assumption that bottles are still hard to come by has persisted, even as the situation has begun to normalise, deterring potential buyers of fire pit sets and similar products due to the perceived unavailability of gas bottles.

Safety Concerns and Responses

With the shortage, there has been an increase in individuals attempting to refill bottles themselves, a practice fraught with risks and largely outlawed by marinas. Premier Marinas, among others, has emphasised the danger of such practices, insisting on the return of empty bottles for safe refilling through official channels. 

Calor Service Statement on Gas Cylinder Availability

To combat this misconception, Calor has been proactive in communicating the improved availability of their patio gas bottles. Retailers and suppliers are encouraged to update their messaging and reassure customers that the supply chain has stabilised. 

Consumer education is key, with an emphasis on the fact that restrictions have been lifted, and it is now easier to purchase or exchange a Calor 5kg patio gas bottle.

In response to this shortage, Calor has issued guidance for customers:


  • For those with an empty gas bottle: You can exchange it for a like-for-like replacement at any of Calor’s retailers nationwide. It’s advised to call your local retailer to check availability and opening hours before making the trip.
  • For those seeking to purchase a new bottle: Currently, there is a hold on issuing new cylinders, and gas bottles are also unavailable in Calor’s online shop.
  • Returning empty or unused cylinders: Customers are encouraged to return any empty or unused cylinders to improve availability. Contact your local Calor Distribution Centre (CDC) for advice on returning cylinders.
  • For detailed information on returns, refills, and exchanges: Customers are advised to consult the Gas cylinder area on Calor’s website.


For consumers looking to enhance their outdoor spaces with heaters or fire pit sets, the message is clear: the supply of Calor 5kg and 7kg patio gas bottles is no longer a barrier. Retailers play a crucial role in rebuilding consumer confidence, offering clear information on availability and any exchange programs in place. 

This effort, combined with Calor’s commitment to maintaining a robust supply chain, aims to dispel the myths lingering from the pandemic’s peak.

For further assistance, Calor’s website offers a wealth of information, including FAQs. Customers can also contact Calor directly via phone or email for personalized support. Calor emphasizes the importance of respectful communication, stating that abusive behaviour towards their team members is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

As the situation evolves, Calor remains dedicated to ensuring the availability of gas bottles and the safety of their customers, providing updates and guidance on how to navigate these challenges.

Looking Forward

The shortage of Calor 5kg and 7kg patio gas bottles serves as a reminder of the pandemic’s far-reaching effects on consumer goods and perceptions. As the situation continues to improve, the focus shifts to rebuilding consumer trust and ensuring that the public is informed about the current state of availability. 

With concerted efforts from suppliers, retailers, and Calor Gas, the market for outdoor heaters and fire pit sets is poised for a resurgence, free from the constraints of the past.

While the Calor 5kg and 7kgpatio gas bottle shortage was a defining challenge of the pandemic era, the path forward is marked by improved supply and efforts to correct misconceptions. As the world adjusts to a new normal, the availability of these essential items for outdoor living is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the supply chains that serve us.