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Garden Furniture EST:1998

Garden FurnitureMaze Outdoor Fabric Pulse Deluxe Square Corner Dining Set with Rising Table

Transform Your Outdoor Experience with Maze Furniture Collections

Maze has established itself as a beacon of excellence in the garden furniture industry for over a decade. With a journey spanning 14 years, this brand has consistently been at the forefront, introducing exclusive and groundbreaking designs that resonate with the essence of outdoor living.

Maze Passion for Outdoor Living

At the heart of Maze lies a profound passion for outdoor living. Maze believes that your garden is not just an outdoor space but an extension of your home—a place for relaxation, entertainment, and making memories. Recognizing gardens as vital extensions of the home, the brand endeavours to deliver not just furniture but a complete outdoor living experience

This commitment is reflected in their wide range of offerings, from innovative garden furniture to essential outdoor accessories like heating, lighting, and sun protection solutions.

Design Philosophy and Quality Assurance

What sets Maze apart is its commitment to innovation and quality. Each piece of furniture is the result of meticulous design and craftsmanship, tailored to meet the needs and preferences of modern homeowners. 

From the initial sketches to the final product, every detail is considered, ensuring that each item not only looks beautiful but is also practical and long-lasting. From material selection to the final touches like cushion thickness and reclining lever heights, is perfected. 

Rigorous quality checks are a testament to their commitment to excellence, ensuring each product meets the highest standards before reaching the customer.

Maze collections are inspired by the latest trends and cultural influences from around the globe. Whether it’s the sleek lines of modern design or the classic comfort of traditional styles, Maze Living offers a diverse range of furniture that suits any outdoor setting. Their products are designed to create spaces that encourage relaxation and socialization, turning your garden into a personal retreat or a vibrant entertainment area.

This hands-on approach allows for the creation of furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also meets the practical needs of outdoor living.

Garden FurnitureMaze 7.8 x 4m Como Pergola – with 4 drop sides + two 4m Louvre wall panels

Confidence in Product Excellence

The brand’s confidence in its products is evident through its generous warranty offerings—up to 7 years for garden furniture and 1-2 years for accessories.

Sustainability at the Core of Maze Living

Maze is deeply committed to sustainability, aiming to minimise environmental impact through conscious material selection and innovative practices. Their garden furniture, crafted from high-strength, powder-coated, recycled aluminium, showcases their commitment to eco-friendliness and the circular economy.

Impactful Sustainability Efforts of Maze

  • Zero Percent to Landfill: A testament to their commitment to environmental sustainability, with a focus on using recycled packaging materials.
  • Carbon-Reduced Deliveries: Introduction of a new fleet of Maxi Mover vans equipped with AdBlue vehicles to significantly reduce NOx emissions.
  • Energy Efficiency: Adoption of LED and motion-detect lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Popular Features of Maze Furniture Collections

Two of the brand’s most popular features, All Weather Furniture and Aluminium Pergolas, exemplify the blend of functionality, style, and durability that Maze Living is known for.

All-Weather Furniture

Say goodbye to the hassle of storing your garden furniture during off-season months. Maze All-Weather Furniture is crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring your outdoor space is always ready for use. 

This innovative collection eliminates the need for constant maintenance, allowing you to enjoy spontaneous outdoor moments without a second thought. The all-weather upholstery is designed to repel water and resist fading, combining durability with elegant design.

Aluminium Pergolas

Maze Aluminium Pergolas redefine outdoor comfort by creating an additional room in your garden. These structures are not just about providing shade or shelter; they are about enhancing your outdoor living experience. 

With adjustable louvres, you can control the light and shade, while integrated LED lighting transforms your garden into an enchanting night-time retreat. These pergolas offer a year-round outdoor living solution, perfect for dining, relaxing, or entertaining, regardless of the weather.

Garden FurnitureMaze Manhattan Reclining Aluminium Corner Dining Set with Rising Table

Maze Collections that Tell a Story

From the elegance of Ascot to the charm of Amalfi, Maze collections invite you on a journey of discovery. Each collection is designed to enhance your home and lifestyle, offering a sanctuary where you can relax in ultimate comfort and entertain in style. 

Moreover, Maze offers an extensive range of garden furniture, from rattan dining sets and casual sofa dining to sun loungers and pergolas, each designed to elevate the garden party experience. With a focus on quality, comfort, and style, Maze ensures that every outdoor space is transformed into a personal sanctuary of health and mental wellbeing.

Whether you are looking for a cosy corner sofa set, a stylish dining set for garden parties, or a luxurious daybed for ultimate relaxation, Maze has something to suit every outdoor space and preference.